Alamo Association of Legal Administrators
2016-2017 Commitees
Our monthly chapter luncheons, quarterly workshops, and other high-quality educational events are carefully planned by committee members to enhance the skills of our members in all aspects of legal administration, such as human resources, systems/technology, leadership, marketing, finance, and motivation.

This Committee audits the Chapter's finances each year.

Joe Estrada

Compensation Survey
This Committee works with a third party to set up our compensation survey.

Robert Matta, Chair
Joe Estrada
Ann Davis

Community Outreach
This Committee makes arrangements for a volunteer outing in which members participate.

Lindsey Price, Chair
Nancy McClaran

This Committee maintains the Alamo Chapter website with our third party vendor, Tracy Rickman

Nancy McClaran, Co-Chair
Desire McGarvey, Co-Chair

This Committee prepares and issues to the members an anual survey reguarding various aspects fo the Chapter's Activity

Ann Davis, Chair

Social Committee
This Committee makes arrangements for the Holiday Party in December and Managing Partner's lunch in February (including the speaker).

Nancy Collins, Chair
Nancy McClaran
Lynn Ganschinietz

Educational Retreat

Arthur Duke, Chair
Nancy Collins
Ann Davis

Business Partners
This Committee makes all the arrangements for Business Partner contributions and reception.

Nancy Collins, Chair
Nancy McClaran
Lynn Ganschinietz

Monthly Programs
This Committee sets up the monthly luncheon speakers.

Robert Matta, Chair

Membership Committee
This Committee will promote the Alamo Chapter by ensuring the legal community has information about the chapter through public relations initiatives or advertisement in legal directories, newsletters or periodicals published in the legal community, and will actively work to attract new members, retain existing members, and increase involvement by all members in Chapter activities.

Ann Davis, Chair
Sherra Gan

Mentor Committee
This Committee will consist of past presidents who are available to assist new members during their first year with general Alamo Chapter or ALA questions. They may also attend events with new members, contact inactive members, and provide feedback to the Board periodically. The committee is chaired by the immediate past president.

Ann Davisa, Chair  
Michelle Vega Donna Baggs
Lynn Ganschinietz Mary Radicke
Cindy Gonzales John Pittman
Jo Ann Stevens George Casbeer
Nancy Collins Kathleen Martin
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