10/21 - Memory Mastery Presented by Paul Mellor

    We are very excited to announce our presentation of Memory Mastery by Paul Mellor.  Join us next Wednesday, October 21st.  Zoom meeting information will be sent out early next week.




    In today’s business world, having the ability to remember names and faces, beat absent-mindedness, and recall facts and figures puts you at the head of the pack.  In this fun-filled session you’ll learn time-tested techniques for recalling names, speaking without notes, and gaining control of your day without the fear of forgetting.  When you're skilled in memory all your other skills get better. This program shows how.



    Paul Mellor, author of Finding the Keys, was a finalist in the USA Memory Championship, where he recalled the names of over 90 people in less than 15 minutes, remembered in exact order over 100 single-digit numbers after a five-minute study, and recalled the exact order of a shuffled deck of playing cards after less than a three-and-a-half minute review.  His fun and energetic programs have been delivered to audiences in each of the 50 states.



    - Create excitement on building a trained brain to easily recall information.

    - Apply mental anchors to remember new information; helpful for retaining lists and speaking without notes.

    - Learn the 5 keys for remembering names and faces.