Did you miss it? What's Happening at HQ

    In case you missed the July/August edition of LEGAL MANAGEMENT, here are highlights of three items on the What's Happening at Headquarters? page:

    1) Potential change in membership pricing - ALA is exploring a new Organizational Pricing Model for membership. If you have not already completed the survey on organizational membership pricing, 5-10 minutes of your time is requested to do so. 

    2) Free educational webcasts - The third run of ALA's free Summit Series webcasts happened in July. Don't worry if you missed it.  All three series are available for on-demand access. As noted on the ALA website:

    "ALA's Summit Series Webcasts are a series of interviews with experts who share some of their latest insights on the legal industry and the business of law.

    These interviews focus on topics like the ROI of social media, how law is a buyer’s market, innovation strategies, collaboration across functional boundaries, the management of information assets, the physical and mental wellness of lawyers, how to grow your influence and impact, and the quick and easy way to go from manager to leader.

    This new member benefit gives ALA members free access to these webcasts and a reduced price on products that can help enhance their career and improve the skills they use every day. After the initial air date, the webcasts will be available to view on-demand at your convenience."

    To register to listen to the webcasts:

    1)  Access the Summit Series information page on the ALA website

    2) Click the login button at the top of the page and log in.

    3) Select and follow a link to the programming of your choice, then register for free on-demand access (It will say to "purchase," but your login identifies you as a member and there is no charge.)  

    3) Free Educational Podcasts - Don't forget that there are now free Legal Management Talk Podcasts available discussing management and operational topics, upcoming conferences and retreats, and other resources available to members.

    Current and past issues of LEGAL MANAGEMENT are available through the ALA publications link on our home page, through the ALA website or directly at Happy reading!