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    The Importance of Your Firm’s Organizational Culture

    October 2019

    Company culture is a major topic in today’s business world, and its importance extends across all industries. Law firms are not exempt from the need to have a strong organizational culture that encourages success and growth among its team members. Take a look at some of the key aspects that can make or break your firm’s organizational culture, as well as how to improve it.

    Overall Atmosphere

    The culture of a law firm, which may also be referred to as the firm’s personality, encompasses the overall atmosphere for every member of the team. This includes entry-level receptionists up to senior partners. The company culture within legal firms can vary drastically. Some have strict rules for employees that relate to the dress code and work style, while others are more laid back. The culture you establish for your firm can determine whether employees want to come to work there every day. Although some legal professionals have failed to give strong consideration to the culture when choosing a firm, this can often lead to dissatisfaction and higher turnover rates.

    Giving Consideration to the Culture

    When an attorney, paralegal, or other legal team members give more consideration to where they feel would be the best fit for them, they are more likely to find success and satisfaction in their work. Additionally, some lawyers are leaving the profession altogether due to dissatisfaction with elements of a firm’s culture, such as the billable hour requirements, compensation structure, or overall atmosphere. While money is certainly an important factor in an individual’s decision to pursue a career, it is not the only motivating factor. The way a person feels when they are at work, including how valued they feel by the organization and whether their input is heard, is also a major motivational factor, particularly among younger professionals.

    Evaluating Your Firm’s Culture

    In order to make sure your firm provides a supportive and appealing culture, it is important to take some time to evaluate and analyze the overall atmosphere. You can review some of the cultural aspects of an organization that are most appealing to millennials, which can help your firm determine if it is making shifts to align with the up-and-coming workforce. Your firm may also choose to conduct surveys to learn more about what current employees like and dislike about working there.

    Implementing technological solutions can also boost the culture at your firm. iSolved with Mojo is one option, which is a business solution that delivers on the promise of a better work life. Integrated tools and resources include:

    • A personalized dashboard
    • A lively feed wall
    • Crowdsourcing tools and pulse surveys
    • Ways to share ideas and knowledge and ask for help
    • Points for team members who participate actively in boosting the culture


    iSolved with Mojo allows your team members to collaborate, stay connected, and seek help when needed, while allowing your firm to boost its productivity rates, develop top talent, and reward innovation and success. It also is a key building block in addressing corporate challenges that often impact the legal industry, including:

    • Energizing company culture
    • Connecting virtual teams
    • Supporting mergers and acquisitions
    • Increasing operational efficiency and compliance
    • Attracting and retaining top talent
    • Managing rapid growth
    • Executing a total organizational transformation

    Learn more about iSolved with Mojo and how it can benefit your firm’s culture by visiting

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