How to Get the Most Out of Your Sponsorship

    1.     Communicate! Make individual connections wherever possible.  Make actual connections with actual people.

    a)  Emails often get deleted or caught in spam filters. Always call and leave a friendly, personal message emphasizing your sponsorship.  Or, write a personal handwritten card announcing that you will be calling soon.  Also, don’t always rely on emails as a form of communication.  Check the ALA Calendar on the website monthly, as there may be changes afoot that affect you.

    b)  Build a culture of intentional communication by starting an honest conversation. Instead of avoiding conversations because we don’t need something right now, we open up opportunities for building long-term relationships.  Example of an administrator who moved to a much larger and more involved firm.

    2.     Cultivate! Just because someone does not need your services at the moment, doesn’t mean they won’t or that they don’t know someone who does!  Grow those roots!

    3.     Promote! We promote your sponsorships in a variety of ways throughout the year, but YOU can now use your new ALA BP logo to promote your ALA sponsorship as a point of reference with non-ALA member firms.  For example:  I don’t believe you are a member, but are you familiar with the ALA?  “We are an approved sponsor of the Alamo Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators. What that means is that we have a reputation among those members/firms for providing excellent products/services.”  Also, promote through your own industry outlets.

    4.     Connect! Attend as many events as possible! Network.  Build relationships, talk about the family!

    a) If you cannot make an event, send a representative! Connecting a face with a voice goes a long way.

    b) Join us in our community service projects or invite us to yours!

    5.     Educate/motivate/elevate! Free food and drinks is an excellent way to get folks together! The less formal atmosphere is the perfect opportunity for relationship building. 

    a) Sponsor a free educational webinar for members, and we can help facilitate whether it be on line or at a member firm. Maybe the topic is something that is a current “hot topic.”  Some business partners have done this with great success.

    b) Invite an administrator to a quick coffee or lunch. An informal meeting goes a long way in getting to know someone.   And oh what you will learn!

    c) Propose a solution to a problem.

    d) Share your ventures, projects and initiatives with US. Community service projects, industry advancement initiatives, special projects, educational events or opportunities.

    e) Ask ALA members what they want and need. Then SHARE the results.

    Nancy Collins, Chair
    Business Partners Committee

    Rosenthal Pauerstein Sandoloski Agather LLP
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    San Antonio, TX 78212
    Phone: (210) 244-8811
    Fax: (210) 244-8911
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